portillomainTelemarking is one of the oldest and most beautiful ski artforms on the planet. The evolution of telemark technique with the development of modern skiing has been remarkable. The result is a combination of old grace with contemporary freeride expression. Those at the forefront of the sport find themselves asking:


-Can you truly carve a turn on tele skis?          -Can the tele turn be stable at high speeds ?   -Can a telemarker perform on skiing’s steepest terrain?                                                     – Can a telemarker be competitive against an alpine field in a freeskiing comp?               -Can a telemarker rip as fast fluidly as an alpiner on a big mtn face?                                    – Can a big mtn telemark ski movie line be as compelling and fast as an alpine equivalent?

These camps are an opportunity to ski with the athletes that are testing these boundaries. Whether you are an intermediate wanting to transition into more challenging terrain or you are an advanced telemark skier who wants to find the next level in their development;  these camps provide cutting edge instruction on modern telemark technique and progressive telemark freeskiing.